Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Corruption: a योगरूढ शब्द or a metonym

Today, on a blog I regularly read, was made a post about how metonymy often leads us to making awful conclusions. Like condemning a practice just because the Nazis did it. This blog, over all, advocates antinatalism and the right to commit suicide.

Facebook told me how one of my friends had relished this article, to which his friend had posted a link. Here, it is described that Sanskrit forms a majority of its nouns (names for objects) from the "properties" of the object they correspond to, instead of being arbitrarily assigned.

And then, another friend said that "corruption" is used for absolutely any misgovernance in India (as if, if the beauracracy didn't put governmental wealth in its own coffers, the money would assuredly be well-spent).

Edited on 14 July 2011: gave link to the regularly-read blog. Hereafter, I shall strive not to mince my words here anymore.