Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free will & Determinism, again

I feel a need to emphasize consequences of belief in determinism. It will turn everything topsy-turvy. Ubiquitous conversations like, "May I have a glass of water?", "Please turn off the TV!", or "Why didn't you do your homework?" will become rubbish, should we believe in determinism.

Sensible people will see there's a difference between, "Please turn off the TV!" and "Please become the President!" It is stupid to go overboard believing in Free Will and someone for not having tried hard enough to become the President. Nonetheless, we can reasonably expect people to achieve certain little things -- like turning off the TV (unless they're paralized or something) if they only "set their mind to it".

Between these two lie a lot of things: passing an exam, getting the top grade in it, making a a truckload of money, and so on. These are neither pure-choice nor pure-chance. However the share of your responsibility in them varies, and there is a proportion of responsibility on you. Repeating myself, you decide how hard you try for them, but you can be sure neither of how hard you need to try, nor that if you push yourself to your limits, you'll achieve it.